5 reasons to own a pressure washer. Should I buy one or hire a professional?

What makes a pressure washer a worthy investment?
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Are you considering buying a pressure washer? The decision about whether to own one, hire one or call the professionals is not always easy. This is especially for first time buyers. Difficult questions can arise from this decision. How often would you use the pressure washer? What kind of tasks would you use it for? And the biggest one, is it value for money? This article goes into the details to help you with your decision. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should own a pressure washer:

1. Long term value for money

Jet cleaning services can come with a charge of at least £60 or £7.50 per square metre on average1. Some sources state that renting a pressure washer can cost between £20 and £150 a day. A professional driveway power wash will cost you between £250 and £400. There a quite a few of figures to digest here. Here is the ley takeaway. Hiring or renting a pressure washer can save you money in the short term. But you will not save money in the long term.

AVA makes pressure washers that have a 10 to 20-year warranty, depending on the model. That is because we want you to keep your machine for a very long time and thus get the best value for money.

2. Convenience

This is the most obvious one on the list. Having a pressure washer on hand gives you greater convenience to work on tasks that you need to do right away. It also saves you from the hassle of phoning around and looking for good quotes. Here is a situation. You invite your friends over for a barbeque. There is an hour to go, and you notice some annoying dried up bird poop on your balcony deck. Because you own a pressure washer, you connect it blast that dirt away before the guests get there.

3. Perform a variety of tasks

Pressure washing companies provide a useful service. But they have limited tasks on their offerings. Having your own pressure washer allows you do a wider variety of tasks. Jobs like car washing or cleaning garden furniture do not call for professional help.

4. The satisfaction of doing it yourself

Nothing beats the feeling of reaching the top of a mountain or crossing the finish line at a marathon. There's something about doing it all on your own strength. Cleaning your outdoor space at home with a pressure washer should not be a problem for most people. Even for beginners. All that's needed is to follow some reliable advice and to use some common sense. Completing your goal of refreshing your garden will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

5. Learn a new skill and become an expert

So, you have never used a pressure washer and you are afraid you do not know what you are doing. The first step to becoming an expert at something is to start doing it. That does not mean that you will be a pressure washing expert when you pull it out of the box. But a few videos and some trial and error, and you could become the go to person for pressure washing. You could also get into car detailing and give your car the extra attention it deserves.


6. Save water

A standard electric pressure washer will usually use around 1.6 GPM (gallons per minute). A professional, heavy-duty piece of kit can use anywhere between 2 and 4 GPM 2. Using a made for home use pressure washer will thus reduce your water consumption. Not to mention that it uses up to 68% less water than your garden hose2.